Tungsten Carbide Radial Bearing

TC radial bearing

一、TC bearing produced by our company is also known as cemented carbide bearing, radial bearing, which adopts high temperature furnace sintering process. It is made of the tire body, tungsten carbide powder and cemented carbide, integrated by sintering, and then machined.

二、TC bearing product features:

Strong wear resistance, erosion resistance, high hardness, sintered layer and steel body firm, no peeling off the phenomenon, life up to 300 hours.

三、Technical parameters :

We can supply all kinds of radial bearing (TC bearing) on screw drill.

This product is one of the important parts of the screw power drill for petroleum exploration drilling, it mainly bears the radial load generated by the driving shaft of the power drill during operation, and its quality performance is directly related to the life of the whole drill.

(1) TC bearing of our company adopts general high temperature furnace integral sintering process and sintering formula.  

(2) strictly control the quality of raw materials to ensure that the cemented carbide and tungsten carbide meet the standards and use requirements. 

(3) implement strict sintering production process to make the sintering process completely follow the set temperature rise curve and heat preservation. 

(4) advanced technology protective measures, sintered materials under high temperature not oxidation, surface purification activation, liquid solder infiltration is good, the sintering shrinkage layer, not only to completely eliminate the sintering defects such as shrinkage, porosity, and prevent the crack problems in the sintering process, sinter layer are combined with matrix and firm, be in harmony are an organic whole, without peeling phenomenon of impellers.

(5) due to the high strength and hardness of the selected hard alloy, there will be no peeling and cracking problems in the process of use, wear resistance, impact resistance and various corrosion resistance under bad working conditions, the service life can reach more than 300 hours.

(6)) exquisite product appearance, coverage of cemented carbide ≥60%.The hardness of matrix can be adjusted in the range of 200 ~ 330HB as required.

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