Reliable Supplier Drilling Stabilizer - Potassium Salt of Polyacrylamide for Drilling Fluid KPAM – LUQI

Product overview

KPAM is a copolymer of acrylamide and acrylic acid with a molecular weight of 2 to 3million. It is used as a viscosifier and wall stabilizer for drilling fluid.

Technical index




White or light yellow powder



Potassium content(%)


Intrinsic viscosity,100ml/g


Degree of hydrolysis,%


Product function

1. Can improve the rheological property of drilling fluid,effectively wrap drilling cuttings,and inhibit formation grouting.

2. The presence of potassium ions(K+) can prevent the hydration and spalling of soft shale and hard brittle shale,which is able to stabilizing the well wall.

3. Has good filtration loss reduction effect.

4. It has good compatibility with other treatment agent sand can be used in non-dispersive drilling fluid sand dispersive drilling fluids.

5. Strong ability to resist temperature(180 ℃) or higher.