Reasonable price for Drill Bit - Sulfomethylated Phenolic Resin – LUQI

Product overview

SMP is a polycondensates of phenol, formaldehyde and sulfite with good filtration loss reduction performance. It is an excellent filtration loss reduction agent for the preparation of drilling fluids in deep and ultra-deep wells with a general dosage of 2%-5%.

Technical index






Free-flowing powder, 10% aqueous solution color is brown red

Dry base content, %


Water insoluble matter, %



Turbidity salinity (measured by Cl-), g/L



Apparent Viscosity, MPa.s



High Temperature and High



Product function

1. Has a good filtration loss reduction effect, can effectively improve the quality of mud cake.

2. resistance to high temperature above 180℃, can be used in deep well in super deep well.

3. Strong salt resistance, can be used for fresh water,saltwater, saturated saltwater and seawater drilling completion fluid.

4. No viscosity increase, can be used to prepare high-density drilling completion fluid.

5. Good compatibility with treating agent.

6. Packaging, transportation and storage.

The product is packed in three-in-one bags lined with film bags, each bag net weight of 25kg. Pleased store it in a cool, dry, ventilates pace.