Hot-selling Drawworks With Standard Api - EP Lubricant – LUQI

Product overview

This product is based on mineral oil and vegetable oil, supplemented by extreme pressure additives containing S, B, N, etc., and surfactant. It is used to improve extreme pressure lubrication performance of high-density drilling fluid under high temperature and high salt content. The molecules contain strong adsorption groups and extremely high content of pressure elements, which can form chemical adsorption films with high strength and toughness on borehole walls and drilling tools, and contain strong hydrating groups with excellent salt resistance.

Technical index




viscous liquid

Density, g/cm3


Reduction Rate of Lubrication Coefficient of Freshwater Slurry, %

Room temperature




20% Brine Slurry Lubrication Coefficient Reduction Rate, %

Room temperature




Product function

1. Excellent extreme pressure lubrication, suitable for directional wells, horizontal well sand other difficult wells.

2. Resistance to high temperature above150℃,can be used in deep well,ultra deep well.

3. Salt-resistant, suitable for fresh water, brine, saturated brine and seawater drilling and completion fluids.

4. No viscosity increase and filtration loss reduction, especially suitable for the control of lubrication performance of high-density drilling fluid.

5. Non-toxic, easy to biodegrade and conducive to environmental protection.

6. Good compatibility with treating agent.