High Quality for Jc70 Drawworks - Multi-cycle Circulating Subs – LUQI

The “Multi-cycle Circulating Subs” is designed to via multiple pitches provide multiple water eye and loop switches’ joint.

The tool’s operation step is to use the pitching operation to switch the product on and off, with each pitch producing a specific switch position.


1. Multi-cycle Circulating Subs is an ideal tool for use in large displacement Wells and horizontal Wells.

2. By standard, all loop heads have two large loop interfaces to minimize the risk of clogging.

3. Multi-cycle Circulating Subs is the only product that allows reverse circulation of total flow area among similar tools.

4. Because of the unique design of Multi-cycle Circulating Subs, the flow interface is opened before the ball arrives at the collection joint, so as to prevent the ball from being arbitrarily cut into the collection basket.

5. The multi-cycle Circulating Subs can be opened in the predetermined position when entering the well.

6. The multi-cycle Circulating Subs can be switched at least 6 times, and the switching times can be increased if there are special requirements.

The multi-cycle Circulating Subs produced by our company is used well in Russia, Middle East and other countries.

Main Technical parameter


OD mm(inch)

ID mm(inch)

Connection thread

Overall length mm(inch)


121(4 3/4)

45(1 3/4)


2705(106 1/2)


165(6 1/2)

63.5(2 1/2)


3445(135 5/8)



63.5(2 1/2)


3445(135 5/8)