Ball Bearings

Strip, Chondrules hard alloy is applied to different specification of the downhole motors, which makes downhole motor more impact and more durable.
1. Downhole Mud Motor Bearings  produced by our company is also known as cemented carbide bearing, radial bearing, which adopts high temperature furnace sintering process. It is made of the tire body, tungsten carbide powder and cemented carbide, integrated by sintering, and then machined.

2. Downhole Mud Motor Bearings  product features:
Strong wear resistance, erosion resistance, high hardness, sintered layer and steel body firm, no peeling off the phenomenon.The practical application shows that the service life of the  bearing is up to 300 hours, reaching the world advanced level.

3. Technical parameters:
We can supply all kinds of Downhole Mud Motor Bearings .