China wholesale Ep Lubricant - Zwitterionic Polymer Viscosity Reducer XY-27 – LUQI

Product overview

XY-27 is used as a viscosity reducer (or deflocculant) in drilling fluids.A certain proportion of cation, anion and non -anion functional groups were introduced into its molecular chain.The presence of cationic groups greatly improves the XY-27′s ability to inhibit the dispersion and expansion of shale and enhance the inhibition of drilling fluid system. Therefore, XY-27 can not only significantly reduce the viscosity of drilling fluid, but also keep the viscosity of drilling fluid stable, showing strong anti-cuttings pollution ability.

Technical index




White or light yellow (granular) powder

Water, %


Water insoluble matter, %


Screening allowance (sieve aperture 0.90 mm), %


Apparent Viscosity (10% Aqueous Solution), MPa.s


PH value


Viscosity reduction rate, %


Apparent Viscosity after Hot Rolling at 160 Temperature, MPa.s


Product function

1. Less dosage, high viscosity reduction efficiency.

2. Strong inhibition, can inhibit the hydration and dispersion of mud shale and drilling cuttings.

3. Chrome-free and environmentally friendly.

4. Strong resistance to temperature and calcium salt.

5. Suitable for bentonite slurry, polymer drilling fluid and high-density drilling fluid.

In-field use

Recommended dosage: 0.1~0.3%.