2019 Good Quality Choke Manifold For Oilfield - Bearing Plugging Angent for Drilling Fluid – LUQI

Product overview

The bearing pressure plugging agent used in drilling fluid plays a good role in maintaining the stability of well wall, improving the bearing capacity of formation, eliminating pressure differential sticking, preventing drilling fluid leakage and all-round reservoir protection. Type Ⅲ is suitable for fresh water drilling fluid,type Ⅳ suitable for the brine drilling fluid.

Technical index



Type Ⅲ(freshwater)

Type IV(seawater)


Free-flowing powder




Normal atmospheric temperature


High temperature aging(150℃, 0.69MPa,16h)



Normal atmospheric temperature


High temperature aging(150℃, 0.69MPa,16h)


Action principle

This agent is a special treatment agent of several kinds of composite polymer as the main functional materials, adding 1.5% ~ 2.0% of the material in common drilling fluid to improve the permeability resistance of drilling fluid, making it with higher pressure resistence and ultra-low permeability of the borehold wall. When it reaches the permeable layer it’ll immediately concentrate on the surface of the permeable layer and form a low permeability micellar sealing film to prevent the drilling fluid solid phase and its filtrate from immersing into the deep oil and gas layer,so as to realize near-zero filtration drilling.

Product function

1.effective sealing of permeable strata and micro-fracture strata with a wide range of pore throttles,with broad spectrum sealing ability for strata with different porosity and permeability. 

2.As long as minimal reverse pressure is required for oil test or production,the sealing film will fall off and be removed by it self with out acid pickling and other measures, and the permeability recovery value of the reservoir is greater than 90%.

3.It can pass through the80-mesh screen smoothly,with good compatibility with mud,environmentally friendly,degradable and non-toxic.